Friday, 9 September 2011

Exhibiton, Delhi, India: "The Lost Sparrow"

Gallery Threshold in Dehli, is holding a five day long exhibition-workshop from 12 September, "The Lost Sparrow", to help raise public sensitivity about House Sparrows and their declining population in India.

"Our goal is to help create awareness and start a conservation movement ot save our birds which are a vital part of our eco-system," said gallery owner, Tunty Chauhan, to The Hindu newspaper on 6 September 2011.

"We are conducting an Awareness Workshop with seven schools to create a ripple effect to sensitise the public to the cause of the lost sparrow."

On offer will be a slide show by the Bombay Natural History Society and a talk by Dilawar Mohammed of Nature Forever Society, a non-governmental organisation specalising in Sparrows. There are also plans for a carpentry and pottery workshop to create and distribute bird houses. The Workshops will take place in the Gallery surrounded by paintings with Sparrow subject matter by "seasoned and contemporary" artists .

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